Lighthouse Family is a male British duo from Newcastle upon Tyne. The band comprises vocalist Tunde Baiyewu and keyboardist Paul Tucker.

Baiyewu, who was born on 25 November 1968, is a black British singer of Nigerian descent. Tucker, who was born on 12 August 1968, is a record producer and songwriter.

They are well known for their songs, 'Lifted', 'Ocean Drive', 'Raincloud', 'Question of Faith', 'High', and 'Lost in Space'.




Ocean Drive (1995)

  1. Lifted
  2. Heavenly
  3. Loving Every Minute
  4. Ocean Drive
  5. The Way You Are
  6. Keep Remembering
  7. Sweetest Operator
  8. What Could Be Better
  9. Beautiful Night
  10. Goodbye Heartbreak


Postcards from Heaven (1997)

  1. Raincloud
  2. Once in a Blue Moon
  3. Question of Faith
  4. Let It All Change
  5. Sun in the Night
  6. High
  7. Lost in Space
  8. When I Was Younger
  9. Restless
  10. Postcard from Heaven


Whatever Gets You Through the Day (2001)

  1. Run
  2. Happy
  3. (I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be) Free / One
  4. End of the Sky
  5. Life's a Dream
  6. It's a Beautiful Day
  7. You're a Star
  8. You Always Want What You Haven't Got
  9. Wish
  10. Whatever Gets You Through the Day




Don't tell me you're not happy here
And that it don't mean a thing
You're waiting for a better deal
But that is not my scene
Cause if you live for later
But not today
You're gonna miss a lot of wonderful things
So just investigate it
It's not too late
Don't underestimate the wonder of this

Only one that ever makes me feel totally heavenly
Ever wondered what would make you feel heavenly yeah

I'm finding a new side to you
You're a quite a discover
I'm finding out
I'm starry-eyed
And money don't mean a thing
Cause if you live with someone
You find a way
To understand that it's about give and take
And if you give to someone
You start to see
The opportunity's too good to throw away

Only one that ever makes me feel totally heavenly
Ever wondered what would make you feel heavenly yeah

Dream the dream girl
Let it take you there
A lake of heaven for the two of us to share
Ground beneath you
Gonna disappear
Leave the real world now and
Let it take you there

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Goodbye Heartbreak




Lost in Space

Loving Every Minute

Ocean Drive

Postcard from Heaven

Question of Faith