Lighthouse Family is a male British duo from Newcastle upon Tyne. The band comprises vocalist Tunde Baiyewu and keyboardist Paul Tucker.

Baiyewu, who was born on 25 November 1968, is a black British singer of Nigerian descent. Tucker, who was born on 12 August 1968, is a record producer and songwriter.

They are well known for their songs, 'Lifted', 'Ocean Drive', 'Raincloud', 'Question of Faith', 'High', and 'Lost in Space'.




Ocean Drive (1995)

  1. Lifted
  2. Heavenly
  3. Loving Every Minute
  4. Ocean Drive
  5. The Way You Are
  6. Keep Remembering
  7. Sweetest Operator
  8. What Could Be Better
  9. Beautiful Night
  10. Goodbye Heartbreak


Postcards from Heaven (1997)

  1. Raincloud
  2. Once in a Blue Moon
  3. Question of Faith
  4. Let It All Change
  5. Sun in the Night
  6. High
  7. Lost in Space
  8. When I Was Younger
  9. Restless
  10. Postcard from Heaven


Whatever Gets You Through the Day (2001)

  1. Run
  2. Happy
  3. (I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be) Free / One
  4. End of the Sky
  5. Life's a Dream
  6. It's a Beautiful Day
  7. You're a Star
  8. You Always Want What You Haven't Got
  9. Wish
  10. Whatever Gets You Through the Day




When I first met you I thought
I ain't searching any more
'Cause we've got everything
I've been looking for
And now I'm not so sure
I can be who you want
There'll always be a part of me

I'm just a lost soul looking for my home
I'm just a lost soul looking for my home

When I learnt that you had gone
For a week I carried on
Until the truth that dawn dawned on me
Hit me like a stone
And it's taken me so long
To know where I went wrong
You always make the same mistakes
Until you learn

I'm just a lost soul looking for my home
I'm just a lost soul looking for my home

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Goodbye Heartbreak




Lost in Space

Loving Every Minute

Ocean Drive

Postcard from Heaven

Question of Faith